Frequently Asked Questions

What are some limitations of Castbin?
  • No audio support yet.
  • You can't record file upload interaction.
  • HTML5 canvas is not yet supported.
  • There are issues with SVG gradients
  • HTML5 canvas is not yet supported.
  • Your interaction with HTML5 videos or Youtube videos is not recorded.
  • Any other issue you encounter, please report it here or send email.
Is it ready? Can I actually use it on my website?

It is being developed and its support for websites is increasing daily. But if after trying it, you find that it is working with your website you should definitely use it. You can still contact me at with any questions.

Which browsers are supported

We recommend using Google Chrome latest version for recording but Firefox's latest version is also supported. For playback, latest version of Chrome (31+), Firefox (27+) and IE(11) are supported.
Please consider updating your browser to latest one from here.

Why are there some cross browser playback issues?

Although, they should be rare, you are requested to check the playback aross browsers. At present main issue would be related to playback of mouse cursor movements. If it is a major issue with your cast, you could record multiple casts, each cast for a specific browser and display it on your website by checking user's browser version in you code.
We will fix that in later versions.
Also, if you own the website, please consider using fonts and styling which looks similar across browsers.

How to autoplay casts?

You can use embed tab on cast show page to generate embed code with different options.

What is the maximum duration supported for recording?

We don't limit it at present but casts less than 5 minutes are recommened especially if pages you are navigating are large i.e. heavy on HTML.